An attractive, functional, and easily accessed website is a necessity in today’s business environment. No matter what industry you’re in, a website will allow customers to access your goods or services, boost your sales growth, and in many cases serve as the first point of contact for new and prospective customers. Here are a few ways to increase traffic to your website and make it as optimal for your business as possible.

Use Social Media

Though it sounds like a no-brainer, the importance of social media in today’s economy is still overlooked by some business owners. Don’t miss out on this supremely important marketing arena! Ensure that you maintain up-to-date and active social media profiles on one or more platforms. In your bio, and regularly in posts, link back to your business’ website.

For many customers, discovering your company on social media will be their first introduction to your business. Ensuring they are neatly redirected to an attractive site will encourage them to get to know you better.

Also: engage with your audience on social media. A responsive and interactive brand will be more memorable, and will have wider reach, than an inactive one, also helping to increase traffic to your site.

Maintain a High-Quality Website

Few things in the fast-paced online business environment are as frustrating as a slow or clunky website. Even for the less tech-savvy, maintaining a clean and fast site is easier than ever. There are countless website-building platforms for novice developers that let you build and customize a website from the ground up. Keeping it clean — avoiding plugins you don’t need, making it accessible for mobile devices, clearly identifying contact information and shopping portals, allowing easy sharing to social media — will go a long way. 

Try Giveaways or Promotions

An easy way to increase traffic to your site is to incentivize visiting it in the first place. Many sites offer benefits to new visitors, like a coupon on their next order, a free item with an order of a given size, or something else attractive. A long-running promotion or contest spread over time can draw out the number of visits to your site, and encourage sharing across social media, potentially bringing new customers in for the long-term.

It’s vital to have an effective site today, but ultimately, your site is only as useful as its ability to consistently attract customers. The great news is that with a few minor alterations and upgrades, you can easily boost visitors to your website, and help your business thrive.