The key for small businesses to thrive during challenging times usually relies heavily on the staff and supervisors that you have in place. It is important to have resilient leadership, that can weather the tough periods, overcome obstacles, and maintain morale while continuing to motivate the team to keep moving onward.

5 Factors You Can Control to Support Resilient Leadership in Challenging Times are:


Choose a leader that is fulfilled and feels rewarded by the work that they do. This should be evident in job performance and attitude. Create an environment that appreciates and rewards a job well done; it is the best investment that you can make in your business. A fulfilled leader with a sense of purpose can have trickle effects that lead to a more satisfied staff, also.


So, what is resilience anyway? Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from unanticipated events or circumstances. A leader that is adaptable and that can bend is an asset. Facilitate this with training, opportunities for learning, and positive reinforcement.


A leader with a focus can be a true asset to any team. Did you know that the average person changes the focus of their attention every three minutes? Younger people studied switched focus every 18 seconds! Focus contributes to productivity- and the ability to think fast on your feet. If you want leaders that bend and adapt to ever-changing circumstances, choose one with a focus to get the task done efficiently.

Facilitate others’ focus by providing time slots and ample room for tasks outside of the primary objective. Things like returning correspondence, organizing work space, and other administrative chores can contribute to feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the job ahead.


It is the job of leadership to create a calm and relaxing environment if they want to optimize the performance of the overall team. Pressure, angst, anxiety, criticism, and worry can all impact the productivity and seamlessness of a team. A resilient leader maintains a calm but assertive energy that is able to act quickly when needed, but that doesn’t get excited over spilled milk.


Never underestimate the value of good rest. Sleep hygiene has been shown to be connected to improved mental health and wellness- including characteristics of resilience. People that are well rested make better, more informed decisions. Maintaining good boundaries between work and leisure also can contribute to feeling rested and relaxed. A good leader is typically a well-rested leader.

Is your staff resilient? Talk to the team at Crimson Stone Capital Solutions about ways to continue to thrive and prosper fiscally, during these challenging times.