Commercial real estate loans are used by entrepreneurs for purchasing, refinancing, or renovating commercial properties. Some of the best commercial real estate loans available today are offered for investors interested in acquiring office buildings, mixed-use buildings, and retail shopping centers. Here are some of the most popular commercial real estate loans being offered in the present business climate.

Liberty SBF

This bank specializes in offering SBA CDC/504 loans, which can be in amounts up to $14 million. This provides a great deal of flexibility in acquiring almost any kind of commercial real estate property.

Wells Fargo

This company is willing to provide funding to experienced developers who are attempting to secure funding for large commercial real estate projects. They offer CRE loans which can be used to develop and finalize such projects.

Northeast Bank

The main type of funding offered by this bank is for investors who are involved in niche industries or those which might be considered high-risk ventures. They have considerable experience with these types of CRE loans and are not intimidated by their risky nature.

JP Morgan Chase

Most often, this bank will involve itself in commercial real estate loans which are associated with multi-family projects. Having funded many of these property types before, they have experience and knowledge of all the processes associated.

U.S. Bank

This bank probably provides the best overall service for CRE loans, especially those which are considered long-term and are occupied by the owner.

Smart Biz

This lender is an online platform that provides a service that connects borrowers with SBA 7(a) loan providers, including those which specialize in commercial real estate.

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