Millions of Americans plan to start new businesses each year. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 5.4 new business applications were filed in 2021. Indeed, the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in America. Yet, starting a business, as strong and appealing as that dream might be, is not easy.

Is Starting Business Right for You?

  • Before taking the plunge to start a business, ask yourself these important questions:
  • Are you ready for a lifestyle that will require a major focus on starting a business for a long time? It is hard work, takes a lot of determination, and requires significant financial resources. 
  • Is the market that you want to focus on large, healthy, and growing?  
  • Does your research indicate that there are real customers with a real interest in what you may want to do, with real money to pay for it? 
  • Can you build and develop a motivated team? 
  • Have you considered all the potential costs? 
  • Do you have the stamina and skills to succeed?   

13 Steps to Starting Business  

Use these 13 Steps to starting business:

  1. Find, develop, and settle on an idea for a business that you can make distinctive. 
  2. Write a thorough business plan. 
  3. Choose an appropriate business structure. 
  4. Get a federal tax ID number.  
  5. Open a business bank account and begin a strong banking relationship. 
  6. Get a business credit card. 
  7. Get the financing you will need to fund your business. That will include deciding how much money you will need, what type of loan you will need, and where you can secure that funding. 
  8. Build a good website. 
  9. Decide how your business will get paid. 
  10. Get the right financial software. 
  11. Hire talented employees. 
  12. Get an expert CPA that will pay your taxes. 
  13. Get business insurance.   

Seek Expert Financing Assistance

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