The effectiveness of your online marketing is directly linked to the design and content on your webpage. In fact, most people (66%) want to visit websites with attractive designs. Therefore, consider the benefits of investing in your website’s design.

Provides a Positive First Impression

Your customers will make a determination about your website, and thus your company, within a few seconds. If they find your website unappealing, they will move on to the next company quickly. However, if your website is attractive, they will stay on your website and be open to learning more about you and your products.

Keeps You Competitive

Your competitors are undoubtedly upgrading their websites. They understand how web design impacts their customers’ experiences and buying patterns. However, a new website allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors. You can implement useful tools, such as live chats, videos and product guides, as well as useful content. In addition, you can add attractive design features that draw your customers’ eyes to your site and keep them there. Your products and pricing may be similar to your competitors, so a great website can really set you apart.

Encourages Customer Trust

Old or poorly designed websites may suggest that the company is struggling, not real or doesn’t care what its customers think. Therefore, a great website that is well-maintained and updated suggests that you care about what your customers think and need. It also increases their comfort as they make their purchasing decisions. If you want to be perceived as welcoming and open to new customers, a modern website should be created. As their trust increases, they may stay longer, expand their purchasing from your company and share you with their friends.

Builds Brand Identification

You want to present a consistent brand to your target audience. If your audience recognizes your brand, they are easier to convert. A consistent web design, including layouts, colors and fonts, builds your brand. Then, your clients are encouraged to stay on your website longer, searching for more information about your products and services. As they become more familiar with your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you when they are ready.

Your website has a direct effect on your marketing strategies’ success rate. A web design that is easy to navigate, responsive on all devices, visually appealing, full of valuable information and has imbedded calls to action has several benefits, including providing a great first impression, keeping you competitive, encouraging customer trust and building brand awareness.