Purchase Order Financing

Power Your Business’s Growth With Purchase Order Financing

Businesses form partnerships all the time, and not just in the formal sense. Suppliers and their customers depend on each other for success. Timely payments are key to ensuring that your presold merchandise and finished goods ship. With Crimson Stone Capital Solutions’s purchase order financing, your business gets the help its needs to grow and thrive.

The Basics of P.O. Financing

P.O. financing is a fast, convenient way to pay your suppliers when facing cashflow challenges. We submit payment on your behalf, which releases your goods for shipment. After your customers get their orders, we collect payment from them. We then deduct our fees and send you the rest. There’s no long-term debt or equity sacrifices, which makes P.O. financing ideal for startups or businesses with cashflow issues. It offers several great benefits:

  • Fast, flexible funding
  • On-time customer deliveries
  • Potential market share growth

Our P.O. financing helps wholesalers, producers, resellers and distributors fulfill large customer orders and take on bigger accounts. Businesses dealing in imports, exports and domestic production can all benefit from this type of funding.

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