Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Stated Income Loans: A Financing Alternative

If you have been turned down for a traditional loan because of your credit history, then a stated income loan from Crimson Stone Capital Solutions could be the financing solution you need. Our stated income commercial real estate loans can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Building capital.
  • Consolidating debt.
  • Purchasing or renovating a property.

If you are looking for a simple application process for one of these reasons, let us help you get the money you need.

Differences From Traditional Loans

Traditional loans involve investigating your credit history, land level of income. For stated income loans, however, only one number matters: the value of the piece of real estate. The property’s value must be able to cover the amount of the mortgage, as well as insurance and tax costs. Because the loan qualifications are so simple, there is much less paperwork involved. This allows us to approve stated income loans more quickly than traditional loans.

As long as the property meets the value requirements, you can qualify for a stated income loan no matter what kind of real estate you deal with. Crimson Stone Capital Solutions has approved loans for warehouses, apartments, restaurants and many other kinds of businesses.

Loan Basics

These are a few of the factors to keep in mind when considering a stated income loan.

  • Qualifying credit score can be as low as 600.
  • Any property type allowed.
  • Fixed 25-year loans.
  • Loan amounts up to $500,000.

We also offer flexible loan-to-value rates depending on the type of property:

  • Up to 65% LTV for auto service, retail, office and warehouse property.
  • Up to 70% LTV for non-owner occupied investments.
  • Up to 75% LTV for mixed-use or multifamily properties.

Call or email us today to find out if a stated income loan is right for your business and get the money you need in three weeks or less!

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate