In the age of the internet, businesses have had to adapt. Gone are the days of mailing advertisements and relying on traditional marketing methods. Instead, businesses have had to adapt their marketing efforts to an online audience utilizing search engine algorithms to get exposure.

While gaining search visibility online may seem daunting at first, there are actually some easy ways that you can start increasing your online visibility right now. Read on to find out how to get your website to stand out online.

Content Marketing

One of the best and longest-lasting ways to increase search visibility online is to invest in content marketing. Content marketing can be done in multiple ways, from creating web pages and white papers to investing in ebooks and product/category descriptions.

While getting static content on your main website pages is the first step to creating a foundation for your content marketing, one of the best ways to maintain it and create an online presence is through consistent blogging. Studies have shown that businesses that blog 16 or more times in a month see significantly higher returns on traffic than businesses that do not.

Investing in content writers that can properly optimize content for keywords and SEO is a very important part of this process. While you could go the route of trying to write all the content yourself, if you’re looking to create 16 or more posts a month, you’re going to need some help. You need to be working on your business to grow it, not just in it.


Another way to improve your search visibility online is to invest in better imagery. This can be done in conjunction with content marketing efforts, or on its own. The important part to remember is that search is becoming increasingly visual, and the companies with the best visuals get the most engagement, shares and traffic.

If you’ve become content with only putting words on your website, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Not only are images good for readers who want an interesting visual aid to go along with the blog posts they read, but they also help your SEO.

Images give you a spot in the image alt text to include additional keywords, which helps search engine crawlers know what your page is all about. Images also have the ability to rank all on their own when potential customers do image searches for keywords.