Getting the right funding source for small businesses can often be challenging, with most turning to solutions that are detrimental in the long run. Fortunately, business funding is still a feasible option. The following guide sheds light on some areas to consider looking into.


Factoring refers to a type of business funding where a company sells its invoices to a third party at a discount. This will especially come in handy for businesses with slow-paying invoices. It allows you to get access to quick funds that can be used to finance everyday business operations. Take note that this financing option will prove effective where your clients have reliable credit and good payment history.

Personal Credit

Personal credit is another source of funding that is available to small businesses. This will require you to utilize your credit card, with business owners also relying on a home equity loan to fund their business. Credit cards will often come in handy in financing costs directly related to business operations. Allowing you to pay back the money once your company starts generating revenue.


Leasing will be a great source of business funding if your company relies on specific machinery for operation, allowing you to get access to various equipment at a fraction of the purchase price. Depending on the terms of usage, payment may be monthly, after which you can buy the equipment at a reduced cost.

Personal Savings

Numerous investors will often have enough savings to fund their business, with the majority of the money coming in handy to support the start of their companies. This option comes with multiple benefits, some of which include the freedom it provides for spending your money as you desire and the control it offers for decision-making.

Friends and Family Members

The last option you can utilize for your business funding is friends and family. You can either settle for equity or take a loan from your close associations, allowing you to maintain professionalism for your business interactions. While selling equity means that your friends and family will have a share of your profit, loans come with their payment terms, which often end once your loan is settled.

Whichever of the above options you prefer, Crimson Stone Capital Solutions is here to offer customized funding for your business. Get in touch with us today for more information on our business funding solutions.