Whether you are a B2B salesperson traveling from city to city to land new accounts or are a B2C salesperson going door to door selling your wares, following time-tested strategies consistently will bring you success. If you’re struggling to hit your numbers, return to the fundamentals by following these proven sales tips.

  1. Believe in Your Product

The first reason many salespeople fail to make sales is that they don’t really believe in the value of their products or services. So it almost becomes a matter of conscience. How can you take somebody’s money in exchange for a product that you think is a waste of money?

So the starting point of being a successful sales rep is to recognize the value that your product brings to the customer. Once you see how buying your product is a big win for your client, your enthusiasm will increase and you’ll start closing more deals.

  1. Focus on Benefits Instead of Features

One of the best ways to convince your prospect – and yourself – that your product is amazing is to focus on the many benefits of owning the product.

Too many salespeople rattle off a laundry list of stats and features of the product, thinking that the product will sell itself.

But anyone can read the list of features printed on the box. Instead, you’ve got to connect the dots for your prospects so that they can see how much the product will benefit them. Most people are happy to buy products that help them save time, save them money and make their lives easier.

  1. Become an Industry Expert

The most well-known truth about selling is that customers buy more often from people they know, like, and trust. And one of the biggest trust factors in the sales process is expertise. When prospects view you as an expert who understands not only your products and your industry but who understands their challenges and their needs, they will be much more likely to buy from you.

Use social media to build your personal brand. Write for industry publications and take every opportunity to serve your community as a representative of your company. Over time, leads will flow to you much more easily as you build your reputation and audience.

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