Over the past several years, increased attention has been drawn to socially responsible business. Employees, clients and stakeholders want to align with companies on everything from motivations, morals and priorities. If you are looking to embrace this new call to action, your human resources professionals can play an essential part in this process and here is how.

Socially Responsible Support Programs

Developing programs to support internal operations is something that many HR professionals excel at. Everything from professional development to wellbeing to a Corporate Social Responsibility plan can be something that is supported by this key team. If you want to get your HR team on board, have them consider a multifaceted approach.

Switch To Sustainability

If you desire more socially conscious operations, start with your environmental impact. If you want to help promote the health and wellbeing of the planet, consider how you can introduce recycling, composing, telecommuting, greener forms of technology and initiatives to support those impacted by natural disasters. You can also promote a reduction in energy use, fuel use, carbon emissions and more.

Create a Culture Change

Your HR team can also help be a part of the culture shift, as they will also be key change-makers by getting other staff members on board. By incorporating other staff members into the conversation and getting their buy-in, you can promote larger-scale change, creating a more sustainable and manageable effort over the long haul.

Reframe The Individualistic Mindset

The reality is that corporate social responsibility can a massive impact on a company’s image. You can help your employees to see the impact of their work beyond a singular motivation of being paid. Have your HR team incorporate policies and practices to support giving back, volunteering and committing their time and effort to the surrounding community so that you can show your long-term commitment.

Acknowledge Positive Impact and Success

While CSR programs often have a significant and wide-ranging impact, not everyone sees this but can call attention to this. To illuminate the wonderful outcomes of socially conscious efforts, don’t be afraid to sound the bell for the amazing work your team is doing and the positive change that is coming from it.

Creating Actionable Steps

If you want to get your HR team involved, have them implement everything from communication efforts to rewards programs to policies. Express a true dedication take action and don’t forget to call attention to this so that everyone is aware of these efforts.

Let your company be known for good and enact socially conscious and responsible practices with the help of your HR team, you too can make a positive change and embrace corporate social responsibility.