Out of all the funding options available for small businesses, a merchant cash advance may be one of the savviest. One reason for this is that the money collected from them can be applied to startups in myriad ways. What follows are a few that have the potential to generate skyrocketing profits.


Advertising is necessary for every commercial venture. It’s even more vital when you’re an independent operation fighting for attention against massive companies with national recognition and gargantuan spending habits. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to significantly enhance how much notice your startup receives. Purchase ads on social media platforms or invest in a pay-per-click campaign with Google. Should your audience consist primarily of locals, buy space in the neighborhood newspaper. None of these strategies will break the bank, and any one of them could noticeably boost sales.


If your store looks drab, customers are less likely to want to browse. An influx of cash means you can pay for changes that transform your space into an inherently attractive zone. Create a lounge where the public will want to spend time surrounded by your wares. Patrons are more inclined to open their wallets when the environment inspires confidence. If your enterprise only exists online, redesigning your website can have the same outcome.


You lose a sale every time a customer asks for a product you currently do not have. With a sudden influx of cash, you’ll be able to fortify your stockpile so this never happens. Having extra money to put toward supplies also means the possibility of buying in bulk; vendors often provide discounts to larger purchasers.

Maybe it’s time to expand your offerings. You’ll now have the money to invest in research and development. With a hot new item on the shelves, you’re bound to experience increased sales and more earned media.


Workers are the lifeblood of every commercial operation. Hiring the best requires supplying candidates with attractive salaries and benefits. The money you get from a merchant cash advance may be used to sweeten the pot. This will surely bring in higher-skilled applicants. Once these individuals are within your fold, keep them motivated. Money may be used for periodic bonuses that let everyone know you value their efforts and greater rewards are possible.

A merchant cash advance can help businesses in many important aspects. Agreeing to one allows for vital changes that ready you for the future.